Kind words

“…It [Rhoneymeade] is exquisite in beauty and presence, and I am grateful you introduced it to me. I am reading the wonderful story of Florence & May [Rhone] with a greater understanding of the place of women at that time and their wonderful relationship…” –Sue, on the Centre County Heritage Issue, Leonard Rhone’s Daughter’s


“Remembering Richard Morgan for creating a plan for sustaining and conserving an old farm and historic farmhouse in its region, and inspiring others to care, too.” -Catherine and John


“We loved walking the grounds and spending time chatting at the [Rhone] house!” -Judy & Laura


“Thanks to the preservation efforts of Dr. Morgan and his conservation easement, Rhoneymeade is still a tranquil enclave, a slice of natural beauty kissed by man made works, resting gracefully in an aesthetic symbiotic marriage.” –Dave


“Lost track of time being here.” –Adrienne


“My most favorite was walking silently throu [sic] the labyrinth.” -Elementary school student


“When I first began coming to State College 7 years ago to visit the man who is now my husband, Rhoneymeade was one of the places that made me think I might be able to actually make my home here. It is a place of beauty and poetry made visible.”-Han


“Restful & wild!” – Karen


“We love this Arboretum”-Marilyn and Clovis


“73 degrees. Light Breeze. Every kind of cloud. Heaven. Thanks.” – Scott [bicyclist]


“If there is ever a good place to break a chain…This was it! Too much power I guess! – Jack [bicyclist]


“So sorry I do not have my bike. I will be back another day on my bike and make a stop to take in the beauty, serenity of your magnificent sanctuary!” – ‘Yo’ [bicyclist]