The Tree Walk

To many people one tree looks much like another. Yet, when one gets to know them better, each kind of tree takes on an individuality and becomes a friend, easily recognized.

Explore more than 25 types of trees in a short stroll. Our Tree Walk begins and ends at our studio, making a big loop around the 150-year old Rhone House. Six of the trees on the walk were here when the house was built. The signs for these trees are marked with a C. The other trees are of all ages between then and now.

 Enjoy the tree walk during spring, summer & fall and experience the seasonal changes in flower and foliage.

Stop in at the Studio and pick up an annotated uide to the Rhoneymeade Tree Walk.

White Oak Trail

After a tour of the Arboretum, hike the White Oak Trail in the Rhoneymeade woods. You will find an undisturbed row of old oaks and other hardwoods to gaze at with Penns Valley scenery in the background. It is a fine counterpoint to the tended Arboretum.

Dr. Richard Morgan, Founder of Rhoneymeade