This portrait of Grange Fair founding father, Leonard Rhone, is generously on loan for our Grange Fair exhibit by the artist, Karl Leitzel.

Rhoneymeade is raising funds towards the purchase of this portrait of Leonard Rhone, to highlight the connection between the Rhone family and the National Grange movement.

Every year since 2009, artist Karl Leitzel has spent most of Fair week in late August at the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair as the official Artist in Residence.  Rhoneymade is excited that Karl Leitzel, with his strong ties and commitment to the  Grange, has created a beautiful portrait of Leonard Rhone, the man traditionally regarded as the father of  Grange Fair. 

Leonard Rhone was born July 21, 1833 on the Rhone homestead, now known as Rhoneymeade.  This homestead was purchased by Michael Rhone, Leonard Rhone's grandfather, in 1794 and remained as the family farm for four generations. The present dwelling was constructed in 1853, the same year in which Leonard Rhone's father died. In 1853, Leonard Rhone was only 15 years of age; however, records indicate he was involved in his home's construction with the basement excavation and/or the brick making. 

Please support our effort to highlight the Rhone and Grange history by bringing the Leonard Rhone portrait back to Rhoneymeade, 

the Rhone birthplace.

Rhoneymeade is a non-profit charitable organization, and is a registered 501(c)3. You can make a donation towards the purchase of this portrait at

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