Hog Butchering Workshop & Dinner

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Hog Butchering Workshop & Dinner



at the 'Old Rhone Homestead', March 26th noon--evening

Learn the homesteading skill of butchering a pig and enjoy a simple Sunday evening meal in the historic Rhone House.

Instructors Andy Hughes (restaurateur) and Stef Gawlowicz (chef) are both Servsafe certified, skilled and experienced. They will provide expert guidance as participants are instructed to cut pork halves into primal and retail cuts.  Participants will receive a binder with cut charts, as well as some portions of pork to take home. Bring a cooler.

Bring warm clothes, part of workshop in cold barn & kitchen, warm rooms in House will be ready

Please pack a lunch.  

BYOB or Wine for Dinner.

Space is limited to first ten (10) people.


Not only will you learn a valuable skill, but you can connect with farm families of the past and help support Rhoneymeade in an atmosphere of fellowship.

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