Rainy days are planting days......

It seems like so many Sundays this spring have been rainy.... 

Warm rainy days make the plants in our arboretum flourish, and we've been busy maintaining the grounds, mowing the paths and dividing arboretum plant specimens that we've propagated.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to add unique plants, many native, to your own yards and gardens.   There is still time to plant before the summer heat and dryness comes our way.

Here's a listing of some of our favorite native plants that we currently have for sale at Rhoneymeade:

Eastern Bee Balm $2.50

Cardinal Flower $3.50

Paper Bark Maple $15

Dogwood $8

Paw Paw $7

Red Oak $7

Chaste Tree $7

Hop Tree $10

Magnolia WaterLilly

Red Bud $4

Yellow Trumpet Vine $4

Osage Orange


Horse Chestnut $8

Red Buckeye $25